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Note: This article is part of Extended SAFe Guidance, and represents official SAFe content that cannot be accessed directly from the Big Picture.

Agile software engineering describes the modern practices that reliably and predictably create quality software-centric systems. These practices originated with eXtreme Programming but have significantly evolved over the past two decades.

SAFe has several articles and video blogs that describe these development best practices. This article serves as a landing page for to help you access SAFe’s agile software engineering content.

Agile software engineering video blog series

One such asset is the agile software engineering video blog series. In this series, Ken Pugh, a leading agile thought leader and author, provide a comprehensive video overview of modern practices taken in part from SAFe’s Agile Software Engineering course. Each entry has both a blog description and short video of the specific content. Links to each blog article and a direct link to the associated video are provided in the table below:

Video  Description
Introduction to Agile Software Engineering Outlines Lean-Agile principles and values that form the underlying basis of ASE
Built-in Quality Describes the two important concepts behind building the right thing: the minimum marketable feature and the benefit hypothesis
Accelerating flow Discusses how to accelerate flow in the value stream
Testability Presents the principles of testability, a key quality attribute of code
Shift-left testing Explains the significant advantages of an ‘always-think-testing’ approach to development
Scenarios of Behavior Shows how to break a story down into workflow steps and then detail the scenarios for it, making it testable
Creating a shared understanding with Behavior-Driven Development Describes how to create a shared understanding of code behavior
Communicating with Models Shows how to use models to create a common understanding and alignment on what a system will do
Building systems with code quality Explains what makes good code and how to avoid common pitfalls
Building systems with design quality Discusses aspects of design quality that are critical for maintainability
Implementing with quality Describes how to implement quality systems with test-driven design
The rest of the Agile software engineering story Wrap up with some additional key concepts

Advanced topics articles

In addition, the SAFe Framework itself has many online articles that describe contemporary Agile Software Engineering practices. Links are provided below.

We sincerely hope this rich content with help you build higher quality faster than ever before. After all, we all know “you can’t scale crappy code.”


Last update: 10 February 2021